iron cowboy

Many people are guilty of believing what they do is more special, more difficult, or that they have had to endure more difficult circumstances than others. I include myself in this group. It’s not that I shouldn’t feel proud of my accomplishments because I have worked hard to achieve my goals. I must be careful; however, to not mistakenly believe I have reached my limits.

I have completed two Leadville 100 Mile runs, one Wisconsin Ironman Triathlon, and a number of other feats including a 300 lb bench press and 113 consecutive free throws. All of these goals required significant planning, perseverance, physical training, and mental toughness. However, if I had any ideas of thinking I have reached the pinnacle, the good Lord recently exposed me to something that blew me away.

A friend of mine told me to check out the following website.  When you finish reading this blog, I encourage you to visit this website.

The Iron Cowboy (James Lawrence) completed 50 Ironman Triathlons in 50 consecutive days in each of the 50 United States on July 25, 2015!  Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! If you like numbers it translates to swimming 240 miles, biking 11,200 miles and running 2,620 miles in 50 days! Most people would be elated to complete 1 Ironman in their life.  What James just completed is mindboggling and astounding. Travelling from Hawaii to Alaska to Washington over 3 days while squeezing in Ironmans along the way makes me shake my head.  How?

The Iron Cowboy wanted to make a statement about the obesity epidemic in this country. He wants people to get excited about fitness and hopes that by putting his body through what many would call torture, he will inspire others to make fitness a part of their day to day routine.

I’m not suggesting you enter 1 or 50 Ironman Triathlon races. What I am suggesting is that we should all examine our current levels and ponder what the next level is – in our careers, our relationships, our spiritual life and our physical health. If the Iron Cowboy can complete 50 Ironman Triathlons in 50 consecutive days, you and I can push ourselves in setting goals and performing at a higher level.

I invite you to post in the ‘Comments’ section of this blog what some of your goals and dreams are – I find it energizing and motivating to hear about other people’s dreams and would be honored to assist and encourage you in reaching them!

Success is taking yourself to a higher level.