John Byrne is one of the most inspirational and motivational speakers I have listened to. His truly unique experience of successfully conquering what appears to be insurmountable goals is a message that could be utilized by a great number of individuals irrespective of age or experience.”    ~ Raymond J. Shovlain, Director of Athletics, St. Ambrose University

“John had hundreds engaged at our corporate event and inspired us to believe we are capable of doing more than we realize. People in our organization were talking about his speech months after he left. John will be a highlight at your next meeting!” – John O’Brien, Corporate Business Manager
John Deere Worldwide Construction & Forestry Division

“Within 5 minutes, I was already empowered and motivated to make my life better.  It is people like Dr. Byrne that give people who feel hopeless something to hope for and make them realize that they can change their lives for the better by just taking the simple step to act and do something about their current situation. Thanks again for all the inspiration! You made me push myself past my limits.”  ~ Jenelle B.

“John’s humble, yet vibrant manner is refreshing and extremely motivating. John fired up our sales staff with his stories and relevant correlation to our daily work and personal life. Who would take on a 100 mile ultramarathon as their first distance event…John Byrne (that’s who)… the guy is motivation in motion. Great guy with a positive approach to business and life! Well Done!” ~ Tim Conrad, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Standard Forwarding LLC

“John came across as an energetic, intelligent, hard-working man who many in the audience could easily relate to. I was impressed with his message of finding ways to push yourself out of your comfort zone and to test yourself to see what you can accomplish. The most memorable takeaway for me was John’s attitude of training towards a goal.  When, not if, you have a moment of failure, it’s a good time to tell yourself ‘it just wasn’t meant to be that time, maybe next time’ and to keep working at your goal. I’ve used that attitude a few times to ease the pressure in my strength and running training. Overall, John’s message was valuable, useful and energizing!” – Dr. Russ Goodman, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Central College, Pella, Iowa

“This is the second time I have heard Dr. Byrne’s talk and I think it was even more inspiring than the first time. He would like you to succeed and meet your goals as much as he is determined to meet his.” ~ Janice S.

“Dr. John Byrne understands what it takes to motivate an individual through his large amount of broad experience that he brings to the table.  He understands and is able to relate to many individuals from college students to business professionals to student athletes and more.  Dr. Byrne was one of my favorite professors in college and serves as a wonderful role model on the St. Ambrose campus and in the greater Quad City community.  Meeting goals is a lifestyle and he is man that truly exemplifies that lifestyle.” – Casey Nabb, former SAU College of Business student, current supply management professional at John Deere and Company.

“I loved how John related the biggest accomplishments in his life like Leadville, to little choices each of make every day. These seemingly “little choices” we make daily, can help us all pursue our goals in all areas of our life.” – Eric Van Kley, Athletic Director & Head Wrestling Coach, Central College, Pella, Iowa

“John provided us with a story of endurance, courage, and determination. His story is one that most people would call crazy. To hear his experience during a 100 mile race was inspiring and showed that the roadblocks in our personal and professional lives should be looked at in a different light; as obstacles we can overcome with the right positive mindset.” – Jake Ward, Vice President of Marketing, Rock Island Arsenal Credit Union