Dr. John Byrne takes you on a journey where he exercises grit, perseverance, and teamwork in tackling daunting physical challenges. Yearning for, but failing to achieve athletic prowess in his youth, he shares valuable lessons he learned that enabled him to achieve tremendous success as an adult – professionally, physically, and personally. John is an ordinary man whose extraordinary drive and attitude will inspire you to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

This book will introduce you to Dr. John Byrne as he recounts numerous incredible feats  and the strategies he employed to ensure his success. This heartwarming story will inspire you to identify exciting goals you want to achieve and equip you with the tools to realize your dreams!

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11 reviews for WINNING WITH GRIT

  1. Ann

    Reading John’s book not only motivates you to push through tough challenges in your life, whether they be physical, emotional, etc, but also encourages you to reflect on all the greatness in life you’ve already achieved or hardships you’ve overcome. It helps you realize that maybe you’re just scratching the surface of how amazing you really are and that the sincere relationships we build with others throughout life lead to sincerely unforgettable experiences.

  2. Tom

    This book is about goal setting, pushing yourself and intentional mindset that is woven into a story about grit. John is an inspiration to those who want to push themselves physically and mentally. He also points out no one does it alone and it takes a tribe to be successful. The blueprint is here; patience, will, discipline and belief can conquer most any barrier…. What’s yours?

  3. Clint Spidle

    I needed this read at the point I am in my life. Through financial struggle, family health issues and everything else life brings I was able to self reflect and set some goals for myself, but was still searching for the confidence and motivation to follow through. Sitting in the sauna, I started reading “Winning With Grit” I instantly started relating everything John wrote about to my own life and began to gain a little more confidence that I too could do whatever I set my mind to. There is something beautiful about the way John engages (You) the audience from the start without you even realizing it. I was instantly captured when he writes about being asked “What fires your jets?” it made me stop and ask myself the same question. I can’t express enough how easy of a read this book is! Once you start reading you will have a tough time putting it down. I would HIGHLY recommend “Winning With Grit” to anyone, as it inspires through faith, family, hard work and following through with “What fires your jets”!

  4. Patrick Fye

    Very inspiring book, John does a great job of setting the scene and uses many personal examples that show grit, determination, and not being a quitter.

  5. Brian Khoury

    Great story about the faith and grit necessary to achieve intimidating goals. Highly recommend for passionate individuals deciding where and how to dedicate themselves. Great lessons on self belief and inspiring others.

  6. Michelle Luebke (verified owner)

    What an interesting read! I have known John since about 2007 and because he is a humble guy, I didn’t know he was accomplishing all of these amazing feats of strength and endurance! It was fun to hear his voice when I read his book, and see all of the pictures. John is as kind and enthusiastic as he is freakishly fit! No wonder the Byrne family is so very special.

  7. Vicki Donovan (verified owner)

    This book was very inspiring and an easy read. Enjoyed it very much.

  8. Dan R Ebener

    In all honesty, I was so captivated by this book, I could not put it down.
    John is an inspiration to all of us.

  9. Thomas Hosmanek

    This is an awesome book! It’s a story of strength, of faith, and of the will to win. John’s love of family and their love for him really make you think about what is really important in a life well lived. The book can be a metaphor for the struggles we all face in life – the wins, the failure, and the comebacks that are the sign of a true champion. Inspiring!

  10. Katie

    John’s story is incredibly inspiring! If you’re looking to achieve a new goal, this is a great book to read for motivation!

  11. Dan

    Very captivating book! Once you begin its hard to put down. Inspiring story of grit and determination in pursuit of goals.

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