John - Lexus


Buying a 15 year old car sounds more like recycling than renewal; however, I felt completely renewed on Monday when I purchased a 2001 Lexus ES 300 with 142,000 miles. It is an older Lexus but it still exudes quality craftsmanship and excellence. For years I had thought it would be great to own a Lexus but didn’t feel like I should pay the high price that accompanies new and lightly used Lexus cars. Every time I have driven or been a passenger in a Lexus I’ve been impressed with its smoothness and feel.  The precision manufacturing along with a successful marketing program makes me feel like I’m driving around in luxury. I can hardly wait to get in my ‘new’ car to do errands. Strangely I’m more excited about driving my Lexus than the 9 month old Toyota Camry I just turned over to our children.

This experience caused me to reflect on the sensation of renewal. While I’ve been satisfied with the cars we have been driving, I am truly excited about this one. To finally drive the type of car I’ve been thinking about for a while and realizing a dream is energizing.

Where can you find renewal in your life? It can be something big like a career change or earning an advanced degree. Or it might be something smaller like buying a used car or running your first 5k. I highly recommend pursuing renewal – it is positively reinvigorating!

Success is finding renewal in life.