If you are like me you have had great intentions in your life. Some of those intentions we have followed through on and some have fallen by the wayside. It is a very frustrating experience because most of the time – when we say we that we want to do something – we really want to do it!

New Year’s resolutions? Lose 10 lbs? Stop smoking? Exercise 3 times per week? Write a book? Pray daily? Why do we not follow through on our goals when we start with such enthusiasm and determination?

At other times we impress ourselves and follow through on our goals – performing better than we expected or doing it faster than we thought possible. Fortunately I have also experienced this success and satisfaction. It is energizing and builds self esteem.

I’ve been fortunate to have had some great workout buddies who are willing to exercise at crazy times during the early morning or late night hours as well as undertaking challenging physical tasks such as running for consecutive hours or running up football stadium steps 50-100 times. On occasion we have scheduled a tough workout only to have something come up which postponed our plans (e.g. anticipated rain, lack of sleep, tired muscles). Afterwards we would beat ourselves up for not ‘toughing it out’.

After a few of these, my friend Doug Himmelman and I subscribed to the phrase “Done Deal”. We decided if we dared to use these words, we were 100% committed to doing what we said we were going to do. No excuses, no rationalizations, no analysis, no more thinking about it – we just did it. I remember on more than one occasion, working out in cold, miserable, rainy weather or functioning on much less than optimal sleep. In the end though, we were proud of following through on our commitment and not letting the elements or some excuse stop us from what we wanted to accomplish.

“Done Deal” is a sacred phrase to us – we ONLY say it if we are willing to do it.
There is often hard work to follow, but there is also a certain calmness, confidence, and satisfaction we experience after saying “Done Deal”.

I challenge you to think of one thing in your life that is important enough that you should be saying “Done Deal” to. Once you define it, make a “Done Deal” commitment to someone (you can tell/message me or post it in the comment section below), and get it done – you won’t regret it.

Success is committing to “Done Deal!”