For the greater part of the past year I have been contemplating a return trip to Leadville, Colorado to pursue my elusive goal of running the 100 mile race through the mountains in under 24 hours. The race itself is an almost indescribable, amazing experience that has profoundly impacted my life in more positive ways than I can count. To give you a small taste… the race is more than 2 miles above sea level, less than 50% of the entrants usually complete the race, and it is hands down the most difficult undertaking of my life (and the greatest).  For more information you can check out http://www.leadvilleraceseries.com/run/leadvilletrail100run/  I also invite you to check out a blog I maintained during my training for the 2012 Leadville Trail 100 Mile Run and am resurrecting for the 2016 Leadville Trail 100 Mile Run  http://journeybacktoleadville2016byrne.blogspot.com/

The message I want to share this week is the significant difference I feel inside this past week as I’ve been publicly sharing this goal with friends (and frankly anyone who will listen!). Training officially commenced on September 1st and my scheduled workouts will elevate to an almost sacred status. I started my fast with soda 6 days ago and have been consciously making smarter decisions in my diet. For the first time in 4 years my weight has dropped to below 200 lbs. My mental approach to the two long runs I took this weekend was vastly improved as I viewed them in the context of building the necessary base to succeed in Leadville. I attribute these internal changes to my 100% commitment to Leadville. Short of a tragic life event, there is no turning back on this one – I am fully immersed in this endeavor and while a whole bunch of work needs to occur, part of my feels like running Leadville 2016 in sub 24 is a “Done Deal”.

My challenge to you this week is to make a 100% commitment to SOME goal in your life. Make it something you REALLY want and something that is worth going for. Think about how good you will feel once you accomplish it. If you do this I believe you will have a similar experience to what I have felt this week and will notice visible changes in your attitude and your actions!

Success is committing 100% to a goal.