Please watch the video below if you haven’t seen it. I’m still astounded as I write this post – part of me simply cannot fathom how a 4 year old shoots 10/11 basketballs into a little kids hoop on live national TV (the shot he missed was close – it went off the rim from about 20 feet back and 20 feet above the ground into a very small hoop). It would be easier to believe Titus could do this in his home environment where his parents videotaped +100 attempts and released his best performance. But to do this in a different environment with an emcee (Steve Harvey) conversing with him and hundreds of people looking on and cheering is a completely different experience. While Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) is regarded as the world’s most accurate shooter, I don’t think he would have performed as well as Titus.

I enjoyed seeing how much fun Titus was having during the show. He wasn’t nervous, rather he was laughing and smiling the entire time. It was difficult to not smile while watching him and I am in complete admiration of what people in this world are capable of accomplishing.

After watching this episode of “Little Big Shots” on NBC, the following questions crossed my mind:

“How is a 4 year old totally un-phased by the pressure of national TV and a large audience?”

“How is a 4 year old able to perform almost flawlessly in the moment?”

“Could most, if any adults, perform as well as Titus?”

“How much time did Titus put into practicing his shooting?”

“How involved have his parents been in the development of Titus’s talent?”

“Will Titus eventually become a very talented player in the game of basketball?”

“What are adults, who arguably possess more potential in the areas of self-discipline, physical skill, mental capacity, and emotional stability, capable of achieving?

I don’t know the answer to these questions but I did come to the following conclusions.

#1 – We should live life with confidence. It is unlikely Titus would have made his shots if he was nervous. He believed in himself and that the shots were going in.

#2 – We should prepare to succeed. I do not know Titus’s training regimen but I have to believe he practiced A LOT to be able to perform like he did.

#3 – Do not let failures cause us to lose our composure. Titus missed his 7th shot but then made the final 4 shots. He didn’t lose his cool.

Success is studying examples of high achievers.