How do I schedule Dr. John Byrne to speak to our organization?

Please contact Jim Kersten at 563-940-4356 or via email at

Where is Dr. John Byrne willing to travel?

John will travel nationally and internationally to take care of your organization’s needs.

When is Dr. John Byrne available?

John’s goal is to accommodate your schedule. Please contact Jim Kersten for John’s availability.

How much time will Dr. John Byrne spend with us?

John will accommodate your needs for partial day, entire day, or multiple day engagements.

Which topics is Dr. John Byrne qualified to speak on?

John speaks on number of business, academic and personal topics including

* Leadership
* Motivation
* Goal Setting
* Team Building
* Overcoming Adversity
* Perseverance
* Problem Solving
* Collaboration
* Relationship Building
* Customer Service
* Marketing Strategy
* Organizational Behavior
* Group Dynamics
* Professional Behavior in the Workplace
* Ethics and Values

How much does it cost to engage Dr. John Byrne speak to our organization?

Due to many variables (e.g. location, length of event, product sales, cost sharing opportunities with other clients), please contact Jim Kersten at 563-940-4356 or via email to determine pricing.